SenseWell caring for Highly Sensitive People & Their Families.

  As a parent of a Highly Sensitive young person, you might be faced with all sorts of challenges.


  • your young person might be super fussy

  • be easily irritated

  • cries over what seem like small things to you

  • hurt easily

  • extremely cranky when hungry, tired or stressed

  • may withdraw from you for long periods of time

  • no real resilience after disagreements

  • sulky and takes things to heart

  • perhaps they are depressed, anxious or shy

  • may misinterpret your intentions

  • worry way too much about unlikely things

  • avoid school when there are problems

  • try too hard to get others to like them

  • feel bullied by others

  • not eating, sleeping and taking care of themselves

  • moody


and in extremely challenging situations your highly sensitive young person may

  • become totally isolated and withdrawn

  • have thoughts of suicide

  • experience panic attacks

  • self-harm when emotional

  • use substances to self-medicate

  • in some cases they may be impulsive and engage risky behaviour. 


Often Parents don't know how to handle these situations in a way that will benefit the mental/emotional/social growth of their young person AND bring them closer to their young person rather than experiencing a widening divide as their young person gets older.


And if the parent is highly sensitive themselves there is a whole range of additional issues that can occur. 

  • " My child won't listen to me and do what I think is best for them."

  • " My child is just like I was, he/she is doomed."

  • " My child might dislike me if I request that they ..."

  • " My child disrespects me so I get really angry."

  • " My child won't open up to me and it really hurts."

  • " My child doesn't value my guidance."

  • " I can't win, I am damned if I do and damned if I don't."

  • " I give up. It's all just too hard."

  • " I'm sure my child dislikes me, so I've pulled away."


And Parents respond differently to all these issues. Some will withdraw, some will become aggressive. Some will stay the same but just hurt inside. 


As a Parent, how do you know what to do?


The good news is that your relationship with your young person is never beyond repair, and there is hope for them! Your young person wants your love and approval, even if it doesn't look like it by the way they are acting. 


SenseWell has alot of experience working with Parents to guide them through these kinds of issues. 


Here are some options of things you can do:




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