Teen SenseWell - What is it?


The Teen SenseWell Early Intervention Program is a unique program offered to assist young adolescents at risk of developing depression, an anxiety disorder or a personality disorder because they have particular difficulty managing their intense emotions, their negative thoughts, how they feel about themselves, others and society, and they may have begun to develop some challenging or difficult behaviours that are of significant concern to parents, friends, teachers, or others.


Some of these Teens may be HSP's and not be aware of it. They may already feel they are different and struggle to fit in and could do with assistance to understand themselves, their trait and set them up for life with skills to manage their sensitivities. 















How does it help?


Teen SenseWell will help Teens whom are:


  • very often sad and down in the dumps

  • withdrawn when depressed, hurt, angry or highly anxious

  • significant mood swings

  • emotional outbursts or strong emotional intensity

  • low self-control causing more hurt to themselves when upset

  • very black and white thinking   (really loves you or really hates you)

  • avoids school because they don't know how to deal with their friends/teachers

  • low self-esteem, may dislike self very much

  • threatens suicide when emotions are really high

  • up and down troubled social life and relationships

  • cuts off communication when upset

  • self-harms when upset

  • can't sleep or sleeps too much

  • worries alot about anything

  • insists on being left alone as they feel their parents don't understand them

  • extremely sensitive to rejection or criticism

  • prefers to be a loner, or is a loner

  • people pleases to try and fit in

  • unapproachable about problems


Teen SenseWell is designed to provide insight and knowledge into normal sensitivity, and provide skills to self-regulate and manage emotions, think well and develop advanced relationship skills to help them enjoy their lives and respond well to others. 

Who is it for?


This program targets Teens identified as at risk of mental illness, meaning that they do not necessarily have a diagnosis of Depression, Anxiety or Personality Disorder, however they have been identified as struggling by Parents or the School. Teens at risk may be demonstrating some of the symptoms or early warning signs of those illnesses, as listed above.  Although this program targets those that have not received formal help, those with a diagnosis will not be excluded should they wish to participate.  



The Outcomes


Outcomes that SenseWell aims for in the Teen SenseWell Program:

  • Emotional Support from other sensitive Teens and Counsellors (face to face only)

  • Understanding and Embracing High Sensitivity

  • Techniques to manage and regulate own mood

  • Challenging Negative Thinking Styles

  • Alternatives to Avoidance

  • Listening, assertiveness, boundaries

  • Relationship Skills (Friends)

  • Relationship Skills (Parents and Siblings)

  • Techniques to deal with fears of rejection

  • Positive Self-Perspectives 

  • Building Strengths and Resilience

  • Looking After Your Mental Health

  • Mindfulness, Relaxation Training and Non-Meditators Alternatives

  • Coping Skills for Anxiety and Depression, and Anger

  • Alternatives to self-harm if required

  • Techniques to deal with perfectionism

  • and much more. 


All the things you might have wished someone had told you when you were navigating your own teenage years and the support you wished you had had. Many sensitive teens feel their pain is invisible to others, and they feel it to the very core of their raw inner being and wonder how things will ever get better.  Their inability to cope makes it all feel worse. The good news is that things can get much better for them!

There are TWO teen Programs: 

1) 16 - 19 year olds - focus is on understanding emotions and the brain, self regulation, and advanced relationship skills. Also includes management of anxiety, depression, and if required addresses self-harm, panic attacks and perfectionism. 

2) 13 - 15 year olds - focus is on understanding role of different emotions and how to manage them, and important communication and relationship skills. This Workshop also addresses anxiety, depression, and if required addresses self-harm, panic attacks and perfectionism. 


The Duration and Then What?


The face to face Teen Program is expected to run over a weekend. After that, teens will be offered occasional social gatherings to reconnect with one another and the opportunity to join our Online Teen Support Group at  http://sensewell.freeforums.net/ to continue encouraging each other regularly. 

The online Teen Program  can be worked through at your own pace. Teens can also join the Online Teen Support Group at http://sensewell.freeforums.net/.

Teens may require additional individual consultations to deal with personal problems. Teens often appreciate an enduring connection with their Therapist with semi-regular appointments to assist life application of the skills learned. 

The Benefits 


A Program like this can set your teen up for life with the best and most effective skills to help them self-manage their emotions and have a postiive perspective on relationships, themselves and the future. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to sow mental health and well-being into your young person. Besides your love and acceptance, this is the most valuable gift you could ever give your sensitive teen to set them up for a good life. 


Contact SenseWell to discuss Teen SenseWell Early Intervention Program for your young person.  





This Program would suit Teens that have been identified as highly sensitive, emotional, and/or at risk of developing mental health problems and would benefit from an early intervention program that can help them develop skills and strategies to manage their mental health and connect with similar other teens. 

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