Where are the appointments held?    

SenseWell has recently relocated to Tamworth NSW to embrace the Country Life! 

Sessions are temporarily being held by SKYPE only, until a new office has been built. Watch this space for updates and photos of the new office when it is ready.                                    


When are appointments available?

Mondays 9am to 5pm

Tuesdays 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Wednesdays 7:30pm

Thursdays 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Saturdays - 9am to 5pm

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What about transport and parking?     

Not required as SKYPE sessions only temporarily. 


Are you willing to do therapy over the phone?

Yes, if there is no other alternative. SenseWell prefers Skype or FaceTime. Please enquire. 


Do you offer online therapy?

Yes, Skype Therapy is available.

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What are your Fees and Terms?

*  Your first Consultation for one hour is FREE OF CHARGE.

* All fees are paid in advance of Therapy Consultations.

* One hour Consultations are $80 for full time employed individuals.

* One hour Consultations are $60 for part-time or casually employed individuals. 

* Four hour Package Discount, normally $320, pay $295.

* Six hour Package Discount, normally $480, pay $440.

* One hour Couples and Family Sessions are $80.

* One and a half hour Couples and Family Sessions are $120.

* For more information, please see Fees and Terms

Peace of Mind and fulfilling relationships are well worth this investment. 


What are your payment options and terms?

It is preferable that payments are made by advance direct debit into SenseWell's account the day before Therapy. Cash is accepted. Credit Card Payments may be able to be arranged for an additional 10% fee. SenseWell is working towards being able to offer medicare or health fund rebates, however none are available at this stage. 


What if I need to cancel my appointment?    

Please phone SenseWell on 0409 180 900 at  least 24 hours before the appointment to cancel if possible, otherwise a cancellation fee of $30 may be charged. 


What if I want to stop therapy?

You can stop therapy anytime you like. Please let your Therapist know that you don't plan to continue. Your Therapist will ask for feedback about the service you have been provided with so that we know how our services helped you the most and can consider how we can best deliver a quality service to our clients going forward. 


What will I learn that will help me?      

In Therapy you will be given an opportunity to clarify for yourself what it would look like for you to live a rich, meaningful and fulfilled life. We will define those values and identify what you need to help you get there. Therapy is wonderful for helping people manage strong emotions and difficult situations that seem hard or impossible to change. We will use a range of therapeutic techniques to assist you to work around your roadblocks and create the outcomes you yearn for. SenseWell utilises a person centred approach that works toward wholeness and contentment using acceptance commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy approaches. You can learn skills and strategies that will help you manage your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and relationships. Relief is on it's way. 


How many sessions will I need?  

This really depends on how deep you want the work to be. Most clients just start and have a sense of knowing when they are finished for now. You can take it session by session and see if you like. I have a very flexible approach in which you can pace your sessions however you like. 


How is SenseWell Unique?

SenseWell is one of very few Services in Australia that work with particular attention to the needs of Highly Sensitive People. SenseWell is unique in the combination of therapies offered, and the range of services offered, with every aspect tailored entirely and specifically to Highly Sensitive People as well as their families. SenseWell Workshops are 100% unique because SenseWell developed them! And they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Tanya has developed award-winning programs for families, young people and Parents experiencing difficulty due to mental health issues and knows what is most effective to help you get the results you are looking for. There are other wonderful services in other parts of the world that are helping Highly Sensitive people too, and some of these are listed in our links section and others can be found listed at hsperson.com. 


Will your methods work?

There is a significant evidence-base supporting the effectiveness of the therapies CBT, DBT, and ACT,  that form the backbone of SenseWell therapy services. Dr Aron, specialist in psychotherapy for highly sensitive clients, also has developed an evidence base for her techniques. All of our techniques and service provisions (including Workshops) are in alignment with the techniques taught by these modalities. Your Therapist has had specialist training in all of them. Most importantly, your therapist will listen to you and give you time and space to explore your issues in a safe, non-judgemental environment. For many, they may never have had that opportunity and may find it quite liberating.


What is the credibility of this service?

Your Therapist is registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) (Level 2). Your Therapist is Certified to use CBT, DBT and ACT modalities in the course of therapy practice. Your Therapist has a Psychology Degree and Counselling and Family Therapy training, and has been endorsed as an "Highly Sensitive Aware Practitioner" by Dr Aron.  Your Therapist has years of experience working directly with families in crisis in relation to mental illness. The above-mentioned Professional Registration ensures that ethical principles are followed during practice, mandatory clinical supervision monitors the service delivery you receive and ensures that professional therapy development continues with up-to-date, current best practice. Information is provided to new clients about how to contact your Therapists Supervisor if you have any concerns. 


Can my partner or other members of my family be involved?

 Yes, it can be very beneficial to include partners or other family members in the therapy process. People are not islands, they live within a family unit and the dynamics and interactions between members play a vital role in our wellbeing. A deep and profound sense of fulfillment comes from having thriving, well-functioning relationships.