Couples Therapy


Couples Therapy offers couples an opportunity to workshop stubborn issues that they can't seem to resolve on their own, particularly when one or both are highly sensitive emotionally and/or extremely defensive or withdrawing due to rejection. Couples Therapy is sensitive to each individuals concerns and needs, and provides a safe and neutral platform for both partners to explore their thoughts, feelings, hopes, needs and their willingness to work together to resolve the issues.


SenseWell Couples Therapy is based on the well researched and evidence-based practices of the Gottman Institute and Dr Sue Johnson. Couples are educated about relationship styles and the cascade of negative cycles that lead to relationship breakdown, and are given an opportunity to explore where they can improve, and are supported to put new interaction techniques into place. These methods work and when delivered by a Therapist that understands the added difficulty of being highly sensitive, you are guaranteed of receiving just the right support you need to turn the relationship back into one that you are engaged in, committed to and feeling content, fulfilled and hopeful about the future.


Couples therapy may be conducted by Skype. 


If Couples prefer a Workshop targeting interaction awareness and skill development, please check out our LoveWell Workshop for Couples



Family Therapy


Family Therapy offers families an opportunity to work through conflicts and patterns of behaviour that keep the family in a state of no resolution or dysfunction.  Family Therapy is sensitive to each individuals needs and personalities, and works to help improve communication in the family by looking at communication styles, family systems, roles and dynamics, silent agreements and individual defenses. Family Therapy aims to breakdown stubborn problems that keep the family from developing quality, fulfilling and enjoyable relationships. It is conducted in a way that enables self-reflection in the family, respects all individuals and gently challenges the family to form new ways of interacting. Your Therapist has had specialist training in Family Therapy and understands how to help Families particularly when one or more members are Highly Sensitive. 


If Parents would like to join a Workshop with other Parents with Sensitive Children, please check out our ParentWell Workshop.


Family Therapy is not offered by Skype, unless the family members are being seen separately.

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Couples and Family  Therapy