We are interested in starting a FACE TO FACE Support Group for

Highly Sensitive People (both Women and Men) at East Gosford.


It is envisaged that the Group would meet for two hours on a week night, once per month with the primary goals of emotionally supporting one another, nurturing well-being and fostering new friendships.


Therefore the group would suit adults that identify as being emotionally sensitive, who struggle with life and rejection due to their sensitivity, who may be anxious or shy, and who may feel alone or misunderstood. The group will be structured to support members feelings, create inclusiveness, protect emotional boundaries and to provide an encouraging focus on moving forward, tapping our strengths, and sharing what helps. 


The facillitator of the Group is a Therapist and Mental Health Educator whom is experienced with facilitating support groups and is highly sensitive as well so can understand. 


The groups primary focus is on emotional support and therefore support will take up the majority of the session at each meeting. The last half hour of each session may be able to include some of the following:

  • Sharing ideas, resources, readings, poems, songs, devotions, inspirations, artworks

  • Range of Mental Health Skills based activities

  • Creative therapy

  • Relaxation

  • Mindfulness

  • Easy Yoga or Basic Tai Chi

  • Pamper

  • Beginners Meditation

  • Video/Webinars/Podcasts etc relating to sensitivity

  • Book Club relating to sensitivity and mental or physical well-being

  • Wholistic Cooking tips/recipe exchange/video

  • any other ideas the group has....


Depending on the number of members in the group, there may be a monthly $5 - $10 cost involved to help cover the cost of the room and cuppa supplies.  


This group may like to expand its activities to join in with our social connections group (HSP style) that also meets monthly.  Here are some possibilities: 

  • A gentle beach or waterfront walk at Sunset in warmer months

  • Picnic Day by the Marina

  • Coffee and Lunch at a lovely relaxing Cafe or Gallery

  • 10 Pin Bowling

  • Art and Crafts Making/Showing (What tickles your fancys?)

  • Fishing or Kayaking

  • Ferry Ride and Lunch

  • Gentle Easy Bushwalk and a Cuppa

  • Drive out to the Countryside

  • Leisurely stroll around the Botanic Gardens

  • Bonfire/Fireside Barbeque

  • Christmas Lunch at the club

  • or other event the group agrees on.....


To find out more about the social connections group click here. 


if the group grew really strong we may be able to create an annual retreat that could be opened up to other HSP's as well. We could arrange guest speakers and other soothing activities to occur as part of a relaxed schedule in a serene place. Doesn't that sound wonderful!?


If you are interested at all in joining a support group like this because it sounds like what you need, please phone Tanya on 0409 180 900 to register your interest. 


While we are starting to gather names, please consider joining our online support group. Information about that can be found here.


Found this lovely quiet Bushland Retreat at the Barringtons...looks serene and lovely. 

Mmmm, the mind meanders off to the peace and tranquility already...


Anybody wanna come?


















My bags are packed, are yours?

In 2016


Meets 2nd Monday 

Each Month

(Except June 

Meet on 6th)

Register your 

Interest HERE:

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