The LoveWell Series is made up of three modules:

    1) LoveWell - HSP's in relationship

    2) RelateWell - Remove the RoadBlocks

    3) ArgueWell - Conflict Resolution Skills


The Modules can be taken individually or as a set of three. If you would like to do all three, we recommend that you start with LoveWell. 


This Series is designed to help Couples understand one anothers sensitivities and needs, discover what holds their relationship back, and offers key effective strategies that help couples to pave a new, more effective way to deal with their conflict.


This Workshop was ideally designed for couples to attend together and each to work their own individual process, however individuals are welcome to attend as you will still be able to work your own individual process.


Note: This course offers a non-confronting, non-judgemental opportunity to reflect on the way you "do" couple communication, and is structured in a way that we do not focus on personal relationship conflicts. We focus on the "how" rather than the "what" couples are arguing about. This Course is based on the well-researched, effective, Gottman Method for Couples. 


LoveWell Workshops