Make a Payment

SenseWell prefers payment by direct debit into the SenseWell Account for all clients, whether face to face or Skype. The details can be obtained by emailing prior to your second appointment or Program. 

Paypal is available for SenseWell clients who:


  • Skype from another Country

  • Purchase of an Online Workshop

  • Clients who need to pay by Credit Card


Using PayPal to make payments to SenseWell accrues an additional 10% surcharge. (PayPal costs are high for small businesses.) 

Please Note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP WITH PAYPAL TO MAKE PAYMENTS THROUGH IT. You are able to use paypal and make a single payment as a guest. 




All you do is click on the relevant button below and two boxes side by side will pop up.


The LEFT box will state what you are paying for, how much and has a quantity box. Just read that and check that you are paying for what you intended to pay for. 


The RIGHT box will have a top and a bottom. The top section is for those with an existing paypal account. The bottom section says "Pay with a Credit or Debit Card". If you click on that, you can make a single payment for this transaction without having to join up to Paypal. 


If you have any difficulties, please ask and we will help you. 



Thank You For Your Payment