Wanna meet some other HSPs face to face?


Wanna make some new friends?


Wanna hang out with people who understand your sensitivity?


Maybe you wanna find a sensitive partner whose an HSP too?


Wanna have social fun in a way that appeals to quieter, peaceful,

nature-lovin', deep-thinkin', creative people?



Of Course you do! Most Highly Sensitive People do! 


The research shows that most highly sensitive people feel lonely and feel like they don't really have friends. HSP's just seem to crave deeper connections, and want to get close to people in meaningful ways, yet they tend to keep such a closed small circle that sometimes they feel alone instead of connected. Who better to connect with then, than other HSP's? 


SenseWell reconizes this need and wants to create opportunities for HSP's to meet up with one another and to just connect and have fun together and build some new friendships. No matter what your gender, age, race, height, weight, interests, profession, shoe size etc, if you relate to being a highly sensitive person, then you are welcome to join us. If you want to know if you are an highly sensitive person you can take the quiz by clicking here.


This group meets one SUNDAY or SATURDAY per month, in the 4th week of the month, from February 2016. Usually for three or four hours. The group link at the top or bottom of this page has dates and times and details of meetups. 

There are over 280 members in the group, and around 20 or so are actively attending. The gatherings are often small (7-12 people) which is just how most sensitives like it. 


Note: the times might change on a couple of these if we decide to do dinner or evening mini fireside event. . I will advise in the meetup group if this changes. 
















There is no charge to join this group, but you will be asked to pay for your own drink/meal if we go to a cafe or club now and then. You might be asked to BYO picnic or bring a plate now and then too.  


If you are interested in joining us and would like more details , please phone Tanya on 0409 180 900.












Social Connections