Individual Therapy provides the opportunity for clients to do deep work on their emotions and thought life. Therapy can have a profound influence on a persons perspective, rationale, feelings and behaviours in response to life’s difficulties. Solutions developed in therapy can be life-changing, bringing about a genuine peace of mind and improved quality of relationships. Therapy focuses on listening and validating the client experience and needs, problem solving multiple issues the client faces, developing new possibilities, offering education, and application of skills to the clients personal situation for significant personal breakthroughs.


The number of sessions depends on the clients goals. Some clients have a specific and focused need to work through, others are looking for regular support and assistance, while others are not sure what they need. In any case, therapy is a flexible process that adjusts as we go along. Most clients seem to work through current needs, and other needs that may arise during the therapy process and then stay in touch at a semi-regular point of time or they simply make an appointment as needed down the track. 


Individual Therapy supports you while you work on both change and acceptance, and concludes when the client is satisfied with the outcomes and the agreed number of sessions has completed. Individual Therapy requires an emotional, time and financial commitment from clients. It is important to acknowledge that effort will be required, and equally appreciate that the end result reaps long term and far-reaching rewards. 


Highly Sensitive People may appreciate individual therapy in the following circumstances:


* Highly distressing emotions

* Overwhelming anxiety and fear

* Intense depression

* Panic attacks/Panic Disorder

* Social Anxiety

* Obsessive and Compulsive thoughts or behaviours

* Perfectionism

* Self-Harming

* Self-Loathing and Low Self-Esteem 

* Relationship Breakdowns

* Avoidant and withdrawal issues

* Significant Co-dependency

* Impacted by Trauma or Abuse

* Persistent and complicated grieving

* Borderline Personality Disorder

* Post Traumatic Stress

* and any other thoughts, feelings, behaviours or situations that cause significant distress for the highly sensitive client



Individual Therapy