Tween Program

Tween SenseWell - What is it?


The Tween SenseWell Early Intervention Program is a unique program offered to assist pre-teens (aged 10 to 12 years) that have been identified as highly sensitive and anxious and have demonstrated particular difficulty managing their intense emotions, negative thoughts, feelings about themselves and others, and may have begun to develop some challenging or difficult behaviours that are of significant concern to parents, friends, teachers, or others. Sensitive Tweens benefit from assistance to understand themselves, their trait and developing the skills to manage their sensitivities early on so that they have a more enjoyable teen experience due to having confidence that they can cope well. 















How does it help?


Tween SenseWell will help Tweens whom are:


  • particularly anxious, worries excessively

  • sad

  • moody

  • emotional outbursts or strong emotional intensity

  • low self-control

  • avoids situations

  • may not think highly of themselves

  • troubled social life and relationships

  • withdrawn

  • difficulty sleeping

  • bad dreams or night mares

  • extremely sensitive to rejection or criticism

  • people pleases to try and fit in


Tween SenseWell is designed to provide insight and knowledge into normal sensitivity, and provide skills to self-regulate and manage emotions, think well, manage stress, build resilience through understanding their strengths and develop important relationship skills to help them enjoy their lives and respond well to others. 

Who is it for?


This program targets highly sensitive Tweens identified as suffering significant anxiety, or heightened emotionality and this is interfering with the child's well-being and happiness, schoolwork and relationships. 



The Outcomes


Outcomes that SenseWell aims for in the Tween SenseWell Program:

  • Emotional Support

  • Understanding and Embracing High Sensitivity

  • Techniques to manage and regulate own mood

  • Challenging negative thinking 

  • Listening, assertiveness, boundaries

  • Relationship Skills (Friends and Parents and Siblings)

  • Building Strengths and Resilience

  • Creating Happiness, Optimism and Inner Peace

  • Mindfulness and Relaxation Training

  • Coping Skills for Anxiety and Depression

  • Techniques to deal with early signs of perfectionism

  • if required and requested, strategies to prevent self-harm can be discussed

The Duration and Then What?


The face to face Tween Program is expected to run over two separate weekends, for 3.5 hours each time to allow for a rest inbetween. After the program there may be additional consultations to target any particular situations that are a struggle. Consultations after that are on an as needed basis. Many of the Tweens that do the program like to contact again down the track to ensure smooth acquisition of skills into life. 


The Benefits 


A Program like this can set your tween up for their teenage years with the best and most effective skills to help them self-manage their emotions and have a postive perspective on relationships, themselves and the future. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to sow mental health and well-being into your young person. Besides your love and acceptance, this is the most valuable gift you could ever give your sensitive tween to set them up for a good teenage experience. 


Contact SenseWell to discuss Tween SenseWell Early Intervention Program for your young person.