Tanya Doyle


Family Therapist

Mental Health Educator/Trainer

Registered Professional with 

Australian Counselling Association

Level 2 - #2123

Clinically Supervised


B.Psychology (Honours) 

CBT, DBT & ACT Therapist

Adv Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy

Accredited MHFirst Aid Instructor



As an highly sensitive person herself, Tanya has devoted her life and career to research the issues and mental health problems that impact those whom are highly sensitive, and to become qualified to practice the therapies that help them. 


Tanya practices as a Registered Counsellor and Family Therapist, and is a Mental Health Educator training a variety of courses related to mental health for a variety of individuals and ages. Tanya works in this private practice and Counsels clients face-to-face with Lifeline.     


Tanya has had several years of experience working directly with families in crisis and in complex situations where mental illness was an issue through individual or family sessions and facilitated support groups. Tanya has also developed and facilitated numerous courses that have assisted adults, teens and children to manage their emotional and mental well-being and to respond appropriately in stressful and critical situations regarding mental illness, relationship breakdowns and addictions etc. These courses are being facilitated across several Mental Health Units (Hospitals), Schools and the Community, and are valued by organisations like Headspace and other Non-Government Family Services. In 2015 Tanya won an award from NSW Health (Central Coast Local Health District) for her work on developing the Connecting with Carers Course for families in crisis, that has now been rolled out across 5 Mental Health Units. 


Tanya's vision for SenseWell (short for Sensitivity Wellness), began over 20 years ago with a strong desire to help others whom have struggled with being highly sensitive, and whom may be suffering with a mental illness. Since that time, Tanya has gathered knowledge, read numerous books, attended conferences and seminars, gained multiple qualifications and accreditations in specific therapies, gained experience working in mental health and sought endorsement through Registration with the Australian Counselling Association (#2123, L2).

In 2017, Tanya conducted a neuroscience research project to further understand emotional processing in the highly sensitive brain. 


Tanya has also come to a place in herself of acceptance and appreciation for her highly sensitive nature, having overcome crippling depression and anxiety, and out of that victory Tanya is reaching out to help others. Tanya also has personal experiences with sensitive children, parenting and relationships, all of which enhance her empathy and understanding for the challenges these present for sensitive people.


Tanya has developed a series of therapy pathways and workshops that are based on effective, evidence-based techniques that are specifically designed to assist highly sensitive individuals to live an empowered and fulfilling life, and experience harmony in their relationships. Tanya is particularly inspired by the Psychotherapy techniques of Dr Elaine Aron whom pioneered the techniques and research work for the Highly Sensitive Person, Parent/Child and Couples. Dr Aron's work is central to all the Services here at SenseWell and our service is acknowledged on her website as an "Highly Sensitive Aware Practitioner". 


SenseWell exists to offer therapy, workshops, early intervention to teens, tweens and children, as well as offering support services, specific, targeted HSP resources and to follow the research and development of what helps the highly sensitive. 

Thank you for visiting SenseWell's website and reading about how these Services may assist you and your family.  






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