Turn that frown 

SenseWell is a Specialised Counselling and Family Therapy Service for highly sensitive people of all ages, and their families. The interventions specifically target the needs and challenges faced by highly sensitive people in order to assist them to enjoy a fulfilling life by managing their distressing emotions and thoughts, anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, relationship problems and more.


SenseWell is founded on the pioneering work of Dr Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person.

This practice is endorsed by Dr Aron as an "Highly Sensitive Aware practice". 



SenseWell Philosophy:


The SenseWell philosophy holds that struggling sensitive individuals can thrive and do well in life when offered understanding and effective tools to manage a balance between acceptance and change. SenseWell believes in early intervention for young sensitive people to prevent mental illness and relationship breakdowns into adulthood. We provide parent and family interventions to support the well-being of the family as a whole.



How SenseWell is Different To Other Services:






















  1. SenseWell is UNIQUE - a practice focused entirely and solely on highly sensitive people and their families. 

  2. SenseWell is INNOVATIVE - having developed original Workshops and diverse experiential pathways for HSP's (sensitives and empaths).

  3. SenseWell is INSPIRATIONAL - Tanya, the founder and director of SenseWell, is a passionate sensitive, who is hope-filled and energetic about keeping up with anything and everything that might help sensitives feel and think well.



Besides Therapy, SenseWell also offers:



SenseWell Specialises in helping highly sensitive people with:    


 *  Distressing emotions and thoughts    

 *  Anxiety 

 *  Depression   

 *  Rejection and Shyness    

 *  Harmful behaviours and coping  

 *  Mood Management  

 *  Relationship Problems  

 *  Emotional Dysregulation

 *  Low Self-Esteem  

 *  Self-Harm    

 *  Perfectionism    

 *  Trauma and Past Hurts    

 *  Parenting and Families    

 *  Adolescents and Children    

 *  Grief and Loss

 *  Borderline

The Vision:

The Sad Reality. 

Too often we live in a world where highly sensitive people grow up feeling that there is something wrong with them, that they are social misfits, emo's or messed up. They might come to believe that the world is a place of endless suffering, stress and hopelessness and they might live in survival mode, dragging themselves through each day wondering why they even bother.  


The Possibility!!!

SenseWell imagines a world where highly sensitive people understand and value their

high sensitivity trait, and they are armed with strategies to thrive in every way from managing emotions and distressing thoughts,

to building intimate relationships, healthy social lives and enjoying productive and purposeful work. 


SenseWell, supports Highly Sensitive People to find their inner peace and a fulfilling life.

SenseWell Cares for Highly Sensitive People & their Families.

Upside Down!!!

Who is SenseWell: