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SenseWell Logo

The SenseWell Logo is based on the Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica - The Sensitive Plant

Mimosa Pudica, a creeping, perennial herb, native to South and Central America, was chosen as the SenseWell logo because it is known as “The Sensitive Plant” or “The Touch-Me-Not Plant.” “Pudica” comes from the Latin words shy, bashful or shrinking.


Mimosa Pudica is known for the way the leaves fold inward, or droop when touched or shaken in order to defend itself from harm. After a few minutes, the leaves will re-open again. In many ways, the Mimosa Pudica plant is a wonderful analogy for the highly sensitive person.


Here are some interesting similarities:


* sensitive from seed/birth

* thrives when it lives under a protective cover

* rapid response to threats

* leaves want to close up from lightest touch,

   blowing or shaking

* changes the way it presents depending on

   perceived threats

* closes up during the dark and re-opens in the light

* shrinks itself as a defense

* it’s unique, special and beautiful


and some other interesting characteristics:

*hard coated seed resists germination/growth 

*stems and petioles are prickly



Watch a Video of Mimosa Pudica

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