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SenseWell Practice Values

~ Empathy ~ All clients feeling cared for and listened to in their greatest time of need

~ Respect ~ All clients feeling respected and valued without exception

~ Autonomy ~ All clients are able to guide their therapy and adjust their goals according to their needs

~ Inclusiveness ~ All clients feeling supported by SenseWell Psychology regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, spirituality, disability or socio-economic background 

~ Effectiveness ~ All clients are supported to put into practice new skills, experience their desired changes, and reflect on their progress with a view to changing course as necessary

~ Clarity ~ All clients are provided with clear pathways to recovery and understand what they are committing to when engaging with SenseWell Psychology

~ Innovation ~ All clients are given opportunities to try new things that they haven’t tried before to assist with managing their difficulties

~ Acceptance ~ All clients are accepted as they are when they arrive and are supported and encouraged  to take steps toward recovery in accordance with their willingness and ability

~ Inspiration ~ All clients experience hope through awareness of the possibility of overcoming their difficulties

~ Integrity ~ All clients are offered Psychological Services that fit as much as reasonably possible with their time and cost needs as well as their interpersonal needs 

~ Purpose ~ All clients may be given opportunities to sow seeds of recovery to the client who is new in their recovery journey by sharing their own recovery story in group therapy if they wish 

​ ~ Connection ~ All clients previous experiences in therapy are acknowledged and considered along with the clients personal needs and goals to ensure we are on the same page moving into therapy

This APS Charter for Clients informs you of your rights when being treated by a Psychologist who is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. 

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