Skype Therapy has been made available so that highly sensitive people and couples throughout Australia and the World can have access to SenseWell's Services.  


Why use Skype Therapy?


  • Our location is too far from where you live and you've discovered there are very, very few therapy practices that specialise in this area and you want a Therapist whom understands your high sensitivity. 

  • Skype is easier for you due to time, family or work constraints.

  • You struggle to leave home and find new places due to your anxiety.

  • Your partner/family members arn't willing to come to the SenseWell office, but they are willing to have a Skype Session from home.

  • You just want to meet us first and Skype is a convenient way to do it.

  • You heard that we get good results and word of mouth matters when you are opening up to someone, so even though we are far away from you, no-one else will do.

  • Skype sessions cost less without added travel costs and this makes therapy more accessible for you.

  • A little distance makes you feel more comfortable, at least until you get to know me and you feel safer and cared about. (That won't take long).



How does it work?


One: You need to have a Skype Account, and a computer with a camera and microphone. 


To set up a Skype Account Click Here.

Add "sensewellau" to your Contacts. Alternatively you can search for us with the email address 


Two: Via Phone or Email, request your first free consultation with SenseWell. To email SenseWell: Phone 0409180900.


Third: SenseWell will email you a form to fill in that needs to be returned prior to the appointment time. The form is a brief new client form. It is in Word so that you can easily type your responses into the form to send it back. If you prefer, you can print, fill in form, scan and email it back. A session cannot take place without this form, once you return it, we can book our first appointment time. 

Fourth: First consultations are free. If this is not your first consultation, your session payment must be made via direct debit at least 24 hours prior to our session.To make your payment, please email to request our bank details. 


Fifth:  Before you Skype us - Please ensure that there is no background noise around you and that you are in a private location where you can comfortably share with your Therapist about your needs without any interruptions. 


Sixth:  Then you dial into SenseWell on skype at the set appointment time previously booked. Your first free consultation is 30 minutes long, normal sessions are one hour long. 


Seventh: At the end of the First Free Consultation you have the option to book your next appointment or you can think about it and make a time when you are ready to start Therapy. There are no obligations to continue after a free session and there are no follow up processes so that you are not pressured. SenseWell has made it simple and comfortable to see if there is a connection between you and your Therapist and leaves the decision with you for when or if you undertake Therapy.  







Skype Therapy