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TeleHealth Consultations

TeleHealth has been made available so that people struggling with their mental health throughout Australia and in other countries can have access to SenseWell's Psychological Services.  


Why use TeleHealth?


  • You have COVID or cold and flu symptoms and still require your therapy session.

  • Our location is too far from where you live.

  • TeleHealth is easier for you due to time, family or work constraints.

  • You struggle to leave home and find new places due to your anxiety.

  • Your partner/family members arn't willing to come to the SenseWell office, but they are willing to have a TeleHealth Consultation from home.

  • You want to meet us first by TeleHealth as this is a convenient way to do it.

How does it work?



We simply email you a video link, you click on it, and it brings you into a waiting room. Your Psychologist will provide you entry into the TeleHealth room at the appointment time. COVIU offers greater security and privacy than other platforms. 


If you are using Zoom, you do not have to have a Zoom Account. Your Psychologist will email you a link at the time of your appointment to your nominated email address and you can click on the link on a computer, ipad or phone. It will bring you into a meeting room and your Psychologist will select "admit", and then you will be admitted into the meeting room. 

Note: Skype is not a secure platform and the quality is too low for TeleHealth Consultations. 



Before you attend a TeleHealth Consultation with us - Please ensure that there is no background noise around you and that you are in a private location where you can comfortably share with your Psychologist about your needs without any interruptions. Also, please check your camera and microphone are working. TeleHealth Consultations are not to be recorded and your Psychologist should be aware of any additional persons in the room. 

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