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Psychologist ~ Tanya Doyle
Tanya Doyle

Registered Psychologist

Member of the Australian Association for Psychologists Incorporated

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Group Therapy and Support Group Facilitator

Mental Health Trainer and Educator

Founder of SenseWell 2015

B.Psychology in Honours

Main Therapies offered: Schema Therapy, DBT, EFIT, EFCT, CPT, ACT, Conversational Model. 

Trauma Focused Practice 

Trained Counsellor and Family Therapist 

Highly Sensitive Aware Practitioner 

Tanya has worked in the mental health sector since 2011 and launched SenseWell in 2015 out of a desire to assist those who suffer with emotional and mental anguish due to experiencing their life intensely. Tanya's desire came from an appreciation of her own sensitive nature and having overcome highly crippling anxiety herself. Tanya has devoted her career to being able to offer up-to-date, evidence-based interventions that assist people to regulate their emotions, manage distressing life, behavioural or relationship problems and to find relief and peace from the struggle.  Tanya has worked in diverse settings such as Community Mental Health, Community Managed Organisations and in Private Practice. 


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