Psychologist ~ Tanya Doyle
Tanya Doyle

Registered Psychologist

Registered Counselling Supervisor and Counsellor 

Member of the Australian Association for Psychologists Incorporated

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Member of the Australian Counselling Association - Level 4

Member of the ACA College of Supervisors

Group Therapy Facilitator

Mental Health Trainer

Founder of SenseWell 2015


B.Psychology (Honours) 

Schema Therapy, DBT, ACT, EFT and CBT Trained

Trauma Focused Practice 

Adv Dip. Counselling & Family Therapy

Highly Sensitive Aware Practitioner 


Tanya's vision for SenseWell (short for Sensitivity Wellness), began almost 30 years ago with a strong desire to help others who suffer from mental and emotional anguish due to experiencing their life intensely. Tanya’s desire to help others grew from coming to an appreciation of her own highly sensitive nature and having overcome crippling anxiety and depression. Tanya began SenseWell as a Counselling Practice in 2015 and having completed her Psychology Internship in June 2020 has relaunched SenseWell as a private Psychology practice. Tanya has devoted her career to researching and training in evidence-based interventions that assist individuals with powerful emotional dysregulation and distressing life problems or behaviours in order to provide effective interventions that work and provide relief to her clients. Tanya has worked in the Mental Health Sector for ten years in a variety of roles such as an Intern Psychologist, Counsellor, Mental Health Support Worker, Mental Health Trainer and Support Group Facilitator. 

About Tanya’s Experience

  • Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

  • Registered Counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association.

  • Registered Counselling Supervisor with the ACA College of Supervisors.

  • Tanya is a member of two highly esteemed Psychology associations (APS and AAPi) in order to continue her professional development and refine her high quality of service delivery to her clients.

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours).

  • Trained in Individual, Couples and Family Counselling.

  • Provides interventions for individuals with personality and anxiety disorders, rejection sensitivity, complex trauma and highly sensitive people with sensory processing sensitivity for many years.

  • Extensive talking therapies experience of different modalities working with adults and young adults struggling with significant personal distress due to emotional dysregulation and intensity.

  • Tanya works at Tamworth Community Mental Health three days per week providing individual therapies and group therapy for adults with personality and anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. 

  • Provided age-appropriate interactive and play therapies with adolescents and children struggling with anxiety, high emotionality and related avoidance or behavioural problems.

  • Additional training to carry out evidence based interventions in Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

  • Conducted a neuroscience research project to understand implicit emotional processing in the highly sensitive emotional brain and plans to continue researching and developing interventions and resources related to rejection sensitivity dysphoria.

  • Highly experienced Group Facilitator, having carried out hundreds of workshops and support groups to aid individual recovery of families and carers of those with mental disorders or mental health issues.

  • Developed and facilitated award-winning (NSW Health) training rolled out in five mental health units across Northern Sydney and Central Coast LHD’s.

  • Developed a training package for Parents and a separate one for Adolescents to manage their mental health as a family member or carer of those with a mental illness, carried out at Headspace and in High Schools on the Central Coast.

  • Lived experience parenting a highly sensitive child and a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, both are adults now, which enhances empathy and understanding of family issues.

  • Inspired by the psychotherapy techniques of Dr Elaine Aron and as such Tanya is acknowledged on Dr Aron's website as a "Highly Sensitive Aware Practitioner".


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