SenseWell is a professional Therapy Service that specialises in the care of highly sensitive individuals and targets all interventions, workshops and resources to meet their needs, in accordance with current best practice.


Your Therapist is Clinically Supervised, which ensures high quality of therapy services. Your Therapist is also a Registered Practitioner, which means your Therapist adheres to a code of ethical conduct when carrying out services.



First Consultation for one hour is FREE and can be  conducted by phone, Skype or in person.

Individual Therapy Pathway 

* All Consultations must be paid in advance of the appointment by cash or Direct Debit. Credit card payments may be arranged for an additional 10% Fee.

* One hour Consultations are $80 for full time employed individuals.

* One hour Consultations are $60 for part-time or casually employed individuals. 

* Consultations are usually weekly or fortnightly to start with however they may be set at a frequency that suits you. If you need to skip consultations for a week or a fortnight or so, you only pay for consultations when you attend.

* Four hour Package Discount, normally $320, pay $295.

* Six hour Package Discount, normally $480, pay $440.


Couple and Family Sessions

* One hour Couples and Family Consultations are $80.

* One and a half hour Couples and Family Consultations are $120.


* Teen Program (Face to Face) - 3 x Four hour package ($295)  =  $885 for 12 hours

* Tween Program (Face to Face) - 2 x 3.5 hours = $515 

* Children's Program (Face to Face) - 3 x Four hour package ($295)  = $885 for 12 hours

* SenseWell Workshops (Including ManWell, LoveWell, TalkWell, ParentWell) are $120 each in full, including 3 x 2hr Workshops.

* Click here to find out more about our Workshops.

* These prices cover Room Rental, Therapy Costs, Client Resources, Workbooks, Mandatory Clinical Supervision, and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Morning and Afternoon Tea are also supplied for Workshops where applicable. 


* No Medicare Rebates or Health Fund Rebates are available at this stage. 

People might spend more on a night out to dinner than the cost of our fees, however your investment in therapy can alleviate many significant and distressing problems and see you forge ahead into your future with greater peace and confidence. 


Peace of Mind and fulfilling relationships are well worth this investment. 

Fees and Terms